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He looks to be the youngest of the main three, he is in fact and acts accordingly with the behavior of an old man.

It is said that most of Japan's answers are "No." and he is rarely shown to be volatile in the series, though it is said that if enough pressure builds up, he can become very "scary" in his rage.

If intermediate or advanced learners have other useful tips, please leave a comment!Though he is bad at fighting, his creativity in art and trade is strong, and he is also a very good cook.The strange hair curl on the left side of his head acts as an erogenous zone for him when pulled.He is obsessed with superheroes and hamburgers, and thinks nothing of eating strangely-colored candies and cakes (which disturbs Japan).He has a strange phobia of ghosts, but is friends with an alien, Tony, who lives with him.

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Learning thousands of characters will still take a long time, but hopefully this article will make the journey a bit easier. Do you want more practical exercises, audio versions of articles and Chinese translations?