Internet dating addiction men

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Internet dating addiction men

In some cases, it also becomes very expensive if the addict is paying for memberships to multiple dating sites or chat rooms.

Love addicts are often drawn to the Internet because it allows them to create a false persona. Melissa is a fairly quiet, shy woman in her late 30s.

With the Internet, there is always someone better out there – if they just keep looking they’re bound to find him sooner or later!

The disappointment and rejection would be devastating.

Other love addicts use the Internet as a way to find a large number of potential partners. She easily attracts men and goes on a lot of dates.

At the encouragement of a friend, she put up a profile with one of her best photos.

In her profile she described herself as much more outgoing, adventurous, and fun.

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She has the illusion of a “love life”, when in reality nothing of substance actually exists.