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The conversation was enchanting and lively—an informal retelling of Garance's grassroots and the evolution of her work in the art and fashion world.Garance was dressed casually but elegantly, sporting gauchos, a denim jacket, grey scarf and bedazzled heels—a gift from Schuman.

He said, 'I really like your boots, do you want to come work with me?

I really dreamed of wearing it with grey flannels or dark denim and brown suede shoes;)) I must have been having a very Fred Astaire moment when I ordered it because I don’t know where I thought I would wear it.

I would feel too self conscious wearing this jacket, it would look great on others but not me.

She was blonde and we had adventures."• On growing up with her sister: "When she was 13, she became the most beautiful girl ever. We're best friends now, but that was a tough moment."• Her mom also loved fashion: "She always dressed in Mugler and was a fantastic creature.

When we moved houses once I realized she was really crazy—everything was white. "• On finding the right career: "I did a computer test about what my job would be.

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'"• She left everything to become an illustrator: "One day I met an illustrator and decided I could make that work.

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