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We have an abbreviated copy of its raw documntation linked here.IRC clients interpret your input as a command if the first character is a slash (/).In general and in accordance with Administrator policy, Anthro Chat's server administrators do not get involved in mediating quarrels that one user has with another.

Connecting to the Anthrochat network requires an IRC client of some kind.Anthrochat is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network for the furry / Anthropomorphic fan subculture, full of furry chat channels/rooms.The network was created with freedom of speech in mind- a network where you are free to speak your mind without fearing the system administration's response.Keep in mind that sometimes that confirmation message may end up in your spam folder.If it does not immediately arrive to your inbox, check there.

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It provides registration and utility services to the network by way of robots or "bots".

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