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And before I know it I find myself on the sofa with two women – one is the girl I walked in with – kissing each other while our hands begin to head south.

It turns out moving past first base is surprisingly easy.

They’re definitely attractive, and they’re wearing the most incredible underwear, while one or two catch my eye and cause a hot flush to surge up my neck, no one here is the kind of woman I couldn’t keep my eyes off.

There are few women here that I would pick out from a crowd to put in this room right here, right now.

But there’s a big difference between fantasy and reality. Women who consider themselves more or less heterosexual – some even in relationships or marriages who come with their partner’s knowledge and consent – but who have a curiosity they want to explore. I’ve never got past first base and I have no idea how it works. As the night approaches, I start to hope that something will ‘come up’. But then, the night is here and I have to ‘woman up’. As I put my outfit together I begin to feel empowered. I am a strong, independent woman who is thanking her lucky stars she’s been working out of late.En route she bumps into a friend – neither of whom saw that coming.At the top of the first flight we take a left into the kitchen where a pop-up bar is serving champagne and Berlin-themed cocktails.No one likes carpet burn, no matter how much they’re enjoying themselves.Up on the roof terrace, we look out over West London, lit up and with the excitement of a Saturday night wafting up from the streets below. I feel much more relaxed now I’m here – it’s not nearly as scary as I’d made it out to be in my mind.

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In the living room hypnotic electro plays while around 20 women, mostly in LBDs, talk in small groups.

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