Forms of radioactive dating

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Forms of radioactive dating

Yet we have tens of thousands of the higher orders of species with perfectly matched sexually sets of males and females.And any deviations from a normal union and offspring is sterile (not capable of reproduction). How could evolutionary processes possibly explain what we see all around us today?The first option can only have come about through instantaneous creation.

Each halo ring is identified by the appropriate isotope and its alpha energy in Me V (Million electron Volts)Idealized three-dimensional illustration of a 214 Po halo obtained by slicing the halo through the center.Furthermore, the offspring of cross specie types are always sterile (such as the mule, an offspring of a horse and donkey or the offspring of one type of dolphin mating with another type of dolphin.).The second most compelling evidence for instantaneous creation pertains to the spherical halos caused by the decay of a radioactive core.God left His fingerprint inside these foundation stones and left evidence that will stand forever.Following is a list of natural phenomena, adapted from an article entitled Evidence for a Young Universe, by D. Current evolutionary science states that our galaxy is around 10 billion years old and our solar system over 5 billion years old.

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The first option seems the more reasonable of the two.