Feeling bitter about dating

Posted by / 23-Jan-2020 13:40

Feeling bitter about dating

The messages we get online are vapid, mean, and often end up making us wonder if we’re really “defective” as the insults suggest.

I’ve learned to assume that people think being cruel behind a computer screen is OK.

If I don't like a guy, saying no immediately makes me a bitch.

Thanks to the modern dating scene, I’ve also learned men are very misguided on how they value women.This isn’t something that can really be fixed unless men actually put in effort to better themselves. Overall, it’s a mix of things, but all the reasons are just symptoms of a bigger problem. They are fed bullsh*t expectations, basically taught to see women as items, and are angry because they don’t know why things aren’t working out the way they are “supposed to.”Sadly, it’s not up to us women to fix these men.The next best thing to do is to blame someone else for your problems since you won’t have to fix them that way. If anything is going to be able to change, it’ll have to be up to men to realize that it’s time to look at things in a new light.Even if it was my dream to be some person's doting wife, it's just not worth trying to love anyone anymore. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

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I've had guys think that they have a RIGHT to be horrible to me based on my waist size.