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Dusseldorf sex date

Alexis grabs the camera again and gets Lucy to play with herself, but finds her pussy irresistible and has to finger-bang her.

She thrusts two fingers into Lucy’s tight pink slit, drilling them in and out.

When Ava's boyfriend Logan Long joins her in the gym, she's quick to set her workout aside and start a different type of activity that still works up a sweat.

Wrapping her soft lips around Logan's fuck rod, Ava starts sucking like a Hoover in a deep throat blowjob.

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She sucks on her clit and flicks her tongue over it rapidly, slurping and licking avidly.

Alexis hands the camera back to Lucy as they switch places, and Lucy films her stunning lover on her hands and knees, kissing her slit and smiling up at her from between her thighs.

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As Ava pushes back into every one of Logan's strokes, her moans of delight fill the room.

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