Dougie poynter dating stacey mcclean

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AARON RENFREE Aaron was the oldest member of S Club Juniors and made braces vaguely cool for a generation.However, after the band split and he got his metal-mouth removed, Aaron became an in-demand dancer and quite the heartthrob. DAISY EVANS After S Club 8, blonde beauty Daisy attempted another shot at musical fame, joining a girl band called From Above who were eventually signed by Beyoncé's dad Matthew Knowles.The other reason (i think) is that from everything i have read and heard their record label dropped them because they were not releasing any big hits.Although it was never officially confirmed, it is believed that S Club 8 split up in 2005.Jay Asforis finished his A levels and currently works at a fashion store called "All Saints" off London's Oxford Street.Stacey Mc Clean is currently doing modelling and has recorded a few r & b tracks.Aaron Renfree has started modelling and has done modelling for some major brands, Calvin Goldspink is now currently living in L.

Calvin is still pursuing a career in music and has recently released his debut EP, The Lemon Tree.

JAY PERRY After his brief chart success, Jay stuck around in music – kind of.

The singer now boasts a long list of musical theatre credits, including Beautiful: The Carole King Story, and presents a weekly show on Hoxton Radio.

STACEY MCCLEAN Stacey made a brief reappearance in 2009 after making it to the final six girls on The X Factor.

Sadly, Dannii Minogue eliminated Stacey before the finals in favour of Stacey Solomon, Lucie Jones and Rachel Adedeji.

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