Dot rv tire dating

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Dot rv tire dating

) We were pleased that the snow appears to be over for the month, although it was cool the first few days.Luckily, it warmed up into the 70's/20's for a few days as well.He had quite a strong accent (he is from Holland), so I missed some of what he was “selling”. We have been to visit our building site a couple of times. We decided leaving a blanket on wile the nights are still a bit cool might be a good thing. We left Calgary late in the day, Monday, despite our plans to leave early. We had dinners with friends, got in a few walks to balance off he great food and check out exterior house colors for our new home.They are getting close to pouring the foundation walls. 0One of the first things we did after arriving, was to take all of the blankets off of the bed. Wednesday, we started laundry, packed away the winter clothes and brought out the summer ones. Jean set up our “outdoor space”, complete with our table, BBQ, mat and chairs. Jean has volunteered to mow our lawn and help build picnic tables for the RV park. We met with a multitude of doctors, dentists, specialists and hairstylist.To make it easy to understand the criminal record reports you receive from us we’ve compiled this list of North Carolina County Codes and Abbreviations for your reference.Click the tab for your area of interest and scan through the codes.Learn more about how our partners use this data, and select 'Manage options' to set your data sharing choices with our partners.

We have another meeting with a window vendor and need to make a decision on counter tops by early next week.

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The basement floor slab is in and the carpenters are framing the basement before they put the main floor joists on. We have tracked down another consultant and have high hopes the returns will be completed by the end of June. Besides catching up with one another’s lives, laughing lots and having some good cries with one another, we watched a couple of movies, took some great walks, and did a bit of shopping, cooking, and entertaining. I was terrified I had left the oven on, left bacon cooking…. 1Summer is definitely here in Kelowna, with temperatures hovering in low 30s during the day and mid-teen at nigh (all Celsius of course! Meg has left for Edmonton this morning to be with her friends Sheila and Maryanne. Still much to do around the campground as the grass just keeps on growing and needs to be cut.

They had spent the day looking at houses in the area. 0We spent the afternoon building picnic tables for the campground. After perfecting the first, we were a house on fire, completing the next 6 in 2 hours. We now have chosen our hardwood and tiles for the house.

Another Alberta convert to British Columbia living. We spent much of the day sitting outside our RV, visiting with friend Ian, (and another short visit with Rob and Anna) from Ontario. We made a trip to the garage door and interior door vendors and have now signed off on those as well.

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Walking very far was out of the question for a few days. All of the flowers and trees are in full bloom wherever we walk. We spent a couple of hours getting the pieces for 7 tables organized, legs put together, inserting bolts, etc. It then took us an over an hour to assemble the first table.

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