Direct landline sex chats

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Direct landline sex chats

Teens also report texting their parents or guardians as well as their siblings.Our analysis shows that 48% text with their parents at least once a day and 33% of those who have siblings text with them on a daily basis.

Younger teens are much more likely to say that they never send or receive text messages – 46% of 12 year-olds do not text; only 17% of 17 year-olds do not text.

At the other end of the scale, about 14% of teens send between 100-200 texts a day, or between 30 text messages a month.

Another 14% of teens send more than 200 text messages a day – or more than 6000 texts a month.

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of all teens from households earning more than ,000 annually text every day, while 43% of teens from families that earn less than ,000 text daily.

Given how vital a mode of communication texting is for teens, it is unsurprising that parents have stepped into the realm of texting a bit more deeply than other adults as a way of keeping the lines of communication open with their child.

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I think my last phone’s bill had like altogether 3,000 text messages and they were like, ‘How do you even do that? The data show that 81% of teens who text are texting with their friends at least once every day.