Dead sea scroll dating

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Later that month officials at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California, announced that they would allow researchers unrestricted access to the library’s complete set of photographs of the scrolls.With their monopoly broken, the official scholars of the Israel Antiquities Authority agreed to lift their long-standing restrictions on the use of the scrolls.Most of the longer, more complete scrolls were published soon after their discovery.The majority of the scrolls, however, consists of tiny, brittle fragments, which were published at a pace considered by many to be excessively slow.Later (especially from the 1950s to the mid-1960s) finds in neighbouring areas were similarly designated.

In September 1991 researchers at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio, announced that they had created a computer program that used a previously published concordance to the scrolls to reconstruct one of the unpublished texts.

Excavations at Naḥal Ẓeʾelim, in the “Cave of Scrolls,” uncovered clear evidence of the Bar Kokhba era and, in the “Cave of Letters,” 15 papyri of Bar Kokhba with a psalms fragment.

Later diggings produced additional letters of Bar Kokhba and a large body of Nabataean, Aramaic, and Greek documents.

The “Union” was apparently founded by a messianic figure called the “Teacher of Righteousness.” The group may have split off from a wider movement that lived in its own settlements and urban quarters throughout Palestine.

Whatever its origins may have been, the community offers a fascinating example of a Jewish messianic movement, and thus a sociological parallel to the early Christians.

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In 2011 researchers from the The group at Qumrān has been identified with many Jewish sects of the time.