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When you don’t have enough saliva in your mouth, it is known as dry mouth or . If you suffer from dry mouth, your dentist may be able to help by prescribing you medication to help increase your salivary flow.Are you taking one of these 348 medications that cause dry mouth? Some people have deeper grooves in their biting surface that are hard to clean.The tooth pictured probably doesn’t look too glamorous.Since most people don’t see what their dentist sees, I thought I’d put this picture up so you can see what an extensive cavity looks like.Some people’s enamel may not completely cover the whole tooth.This can create pockets where bacteria can hide out and cause cavities.Having chemotherapy or radiation treatment in the head and neck area can reduce salivary flow and cause other oral problems which increase the risk of getting a cavity.Eating disorders can increase the risk of a cavity in a couple of ways.

Eating or drinking acidic foods can eat away at the hard, outer layer of your teeth known as the enamel.

It makes sense that if you already have lots of cavities, that you’re more likely to keep getting cavities until you make some changes.

Also, if you have white spots on some of your teeth that have recently appeared, that could be the sign of a beginning cavity, which also puts you at risk for getting a cavity.

There are many other genetic abnormalities that can affect the teeth, such as localized microdontia, which can make some teeth smaller than others and possibly make them harder to clean.

Many large fillings can put you at risk for developing cavities.

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