Dating site review jewish single

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Dating site review jewish single

You have truly made a difference in both our lives and many in the Jewish community at large.

Miriam Fried and Aaron Klein From the moment I started using Saw You At Sinai I realized the amount of sechel and sensitivity that went into building the forum.

May you have strength, and may Hashem bless all of your family, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Your kedusha shines bright and showers those with whom you come in contact. I have a lot of Ha Koras Ha Tov for all the time that you have been putting into this to look on this site and search for me.

Jewish Singles Profile #10,997 Dear Shadchan, Words cannot express my gratitude. I appreciate all the chessed that you are doing for me.

May Hashem bless you with all the wonderful brachot he gave our avot Avraham, Yitchak and Yaakov!

May you be worthy of shining bright in the light of Meshiach Bekarov. May you be blessed to continue it in joy, health, and nahat.

I continue to encourage my friends to sign up and take advantage of the wonderful service you provide. Jewish Singles Profile #3,578 Miriam and I were reminiscing the other day about how we met and our first date.

Jewish Singles Profile #13,268 Dear Shadchan, When one of my Ravs from Israel asked me if I am getting read good shidduchim in the States, I said "yes," because I have been blessed with a great Shadchan.

Now as a couple of months, G-d willing, we are expecting our first child. Hashem should always send you such special, beautiful people to guide you in your life like He sent you to us!

Amy and Damon Salzman Dear Shadchan, You were instrumental in building back up my confidence, so that I could meet some nice guys.

It is a great way to meet new people without it being overly invasive by having your profile available for public viewing.

What is funny is that after Miriam and I got engaged, we realized that there were many people we knew in common, but that our paths just never crossed allowing us to meet each other.

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Jewish Singles Profile #12 Thank you very sincerely again (and again) for your time and efforts, for your loving kindness and concern, turned into real maasim tovim and your chessed in helping us all.