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Dating samick guitars

Samick is the largest guitar manufacturer in the world.

Someone slap me if I'm wrong, but someone I trust told me...

that is how Sammick is avoiding a lawsuit with gibson, that is how It is so close to the real thing.

I was in a music store this past weekend and looking at humbucker guitars (i play fenders but i have some tunes that call for humbucking tones) the les pauls are way out of my ballpark..i played a few to kind of get the feel so I could compare the cheaper guitars. That sounds like a decent price to me, but, i know nothing about samick guitars. Almost all of the guitar manufacturers mid to low end models are made by Samick in Korea.

All the cheaper guitars (including epiphones) sucked when compared to a gibson les paul...the exception of one... It was solid, played as good as the les pauls i was trying, had nice fretboard and headstock inlays, has a set neck, keys held the tuning well, tone was better than any of the other cheap guitars i played (very close to the les paul tone), and had a drop dead georgous birdseye maple top. Basically, if you're paying less than -800 for a guitar, it's probably a Samick, no matter what it says on the headstock.

In 1965, during the Folk Music years and the British Invasion years, when every kid wanted a guitar, Samick began production of acoustic guitars for the Korean market as well as for export to fulfill the demand for cheap Asian-made guitars that overwhelmed the market during this decade. The company continued to improve its piano manufacturing techniques, and in 1970 its production abilities had developed sufficiently for it to launch its first grand pianos.

During this same period, the company began to step up the quality of its guitar production. production methods to the Korean market, while taking advantage of the low-wage level in Korea to offer inexpensive, entry-level guitars.

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Hyo Ick Lee founded the company as an importer of Baldwin pianos to Korea.