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We too are learning as we progress and would ask for you to use these information at your own discretion. However, because there are no official history on these companies, they are written to the best of our knowledge and experience.After the lawsuit threats emerged, Fernandes most obvious change was to their headstock shapes - it was changed completely.The rare old Fender copies are extremely detailed, though no longer in production, can still be found in the vintage market.We have one of the largest selections of effects pedals in Chicago with many hard to find boutique pedal brands. We electric and acoustic guitars in a comfortable laid back environment steps away from the Damen Brown Line, 81 and 50 CTA bus.The guitars we carry are more than just used guitars.Each guitar has a story - whether it’s where it was played, when it was built or how it was treated.Our guitar shop specializes in guitars for players and collectors.

The saddles were stamped, instead of the word "Fender" the "F. If you are not familiar with the "Super Grade" series, you may mistaken the words as "Luper Grade" due to it's attempt to model the words "Les Paul".

Some go as far as claiming that these copies matches neck to neck with a vintage Les Paul - which cost around US,000.

The Different Burny Series Burny models that with RLG-XX.

For the Gibson copies, fortunately the most part of the design stayed the same.

E.g., angle ratio between body and neck, curves on the maple top, and even the open book design on the headstock.

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