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Dating in archaeology

Where possible, the course will include visits to the respective laboratories. Essay, 2000 (50%) LO 3-5 Two hour short answer test (25%) LO 1-2Ox Cal exercise - Construction and evaluation of a Bayesian chronological model with a 500 word report (25%) LO5 The ANU uses Turnitin to enhance student citation and referencing techniques, and to assess assignment submissions as a component of the University's approach to managing Academic Integrity.

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Also, the larger the sample the better, although new techniques mean smaller samples can sometimes be tested more effectively.

The data can be a little off particularly in younger artifacts, and anything older than about 50,000 years is pretty much too old to be tested because at that point the majority of the C-14 has decayed to practically undetectable levels.

But now archaeologists studying, say, the development of agriculture across the continents are able to determine how different societies stacked up against one another throughout the millennia.

Archaeologists use many different techniques to determine the age of a particular artifact, site, or part of a site.

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Prior to the development of radiocarbon dating, it was difficult to tell when an archaeological artifact came from.

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