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You can’t meet someone new because your old love is still in your life—hanging around being your pal and reminding you how great they are.If you have any sort of hope left in your heart (and be honest)—don’t wonder ‘should I stay friends with an ex’ and instead, strategize how you’re going to move forward.So if you’re asking ‘should I stay friends with my ex’?—consider these tips and words of wisdom before answering: You see it in the paper every day.If after that period of time, you still want to create a friendship with your old flame, you can start doing the groundwork—but tread carefully. This nature of attraction must always be kept in mind and respected. Opposite sex friends need clear boundaries—especially if they are involved in romantic relationships with other people.Let’s say you wait six months and now you’re ready to approach staying friends after a relationship ends. Group of Friends Attending a Football Game, 12pm – Low Risk 2. There are things about your interaction that need to change if you’re going to be friends.

But imagine the likelihood of this happening if you’re still seeing the person regularly.

So often times, either as a way to soften the blow or out of sincere feelings of warmth, we commit to staying friends after a relationship ends. I like having her in my life, so we should stop being romantic and just keep the friend part.’ Sounds good on paper, sure, but that’s not usually how it goes.

One night you’re out as friends, you have a couple of drinks, somebody leans in too close, and BAM! Only this situation is much more confusing, hurtful, and sad.

Also, there are certain scenarios where it is possible to have a friendship post-love affair: Say you pretty much grew up together—and then sort-of outgrew each other.

You both agreed it was time to part ways, so the breakup was mutual.

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