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Only scraps of information passed through the sealed walls of the most holy of places in the galaxy, and it was only when the Space Marines and the Adeptus Mechanicus moved against Vandire that the full extent of the treachery perpetrated by the High Lord became known to them.

In secret meetings with the commanders of the Space Marines, the Adeptus Custodes learned of the Reign of Blood and how the Brides of the Emperor defended the traitorous High Lord.

The Brides not only served as Vandire's bodyguard, but also as his servants and companions.

They tasted the High Lord's food, fed him when he fell weak with illness, nursed his frail body back to health and entertained him with singing, dancing and other, more exotic, skills.

Thus began the period in Imperial history known as the Reign of Blood.

The symbol of Dominica's Order is the skull-filled and flaming Ebon Chalice, a representation of the terrible knowledge imparted to Dominica when she was brought before the Golden Throne.

Few are aware of the significance of this symbol in Sororitas art.

We remember you and honour you with our words, actions, bodies, and souls." Alicia Dominica, known as the "Patron Saint of the Sisterhood," "Bearer of the Grail of Ages," and "Founder of the Order of the Ebon Chalice," is revered throughout the Imperium of Man as both the founder and patron Imperial Saint of the Adepta Sororitas. Alicia Dominica is renowned throughout the Imperium as the Sister who ended the Reign of Blood in the 36th Millennium when she beheaded the tyrannical High Lord Goge Vandire.

In the aftermath of the galaxy-wide strife brought about by Vandire's tyranny, she formally founded the Sisterhood according to the instructions of Sebastian Thor, and established the Order of the Ebon Chalice as her own Order.

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