Dating and married couples Strawberry camchat

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Dating and married couples

Early on, they had to set ground rules not to talk about buying diapers or anything routine about the children when they spent time only with each other.

Having experienced bonding with each other through going on dates, they are paying it forward.

Courtship should not end with marriage, some couples say.

They make it a point to go on regular dates with each other and say prioritising the spousal relationship provides the bedrock for a secure family environment, even though it can be challenging to carve out such couple time.

You have to keep the relationship fresh." Married for 40 years, the couple, who met at university, have two adult daughters and a three-year-old grandson. "We need to have some time for ourselves, otherwise, if I am burnt out, how can I manage a family?

Almost every day at work, Mr Kua Soon Khe, 65, takes a 20-minute bus ride to meet his wife, Madam Ng Mui Fong, 63, for lunch.

"On a daily basis, married couples can start simple habits such as a morning text message to encourage their spouse or have an intentional conversation as they unwind before bedtime." Some family-focused organisations have prepared relationship-strengthening resources for married couples.

From Saturday, Families for Life is launching its "I Still Do" month-long campaign with events such as marriage talks, a picnic at Fort Canning Green, live jazz performances and a movie screening of Beauty And The Beast (2017).

One step wrong and you can get upset with each other.

We talk about it," says Ms Ng, adding that her husband once kicked her by accident and broke her toenail.

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The value of date nights is backed by research, says Ms Judith Alagirisamy, a family life specialist at Focus on the Family Singapore.