Dating a japanese sword who dating marilyn manson

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Dating a japanese sword

This is probably, because it is so much easier to remove the tsuka from the blade and the complete blade and tang can be cleaned and oiled preserving the condition of the tang, while it is hard to remove the grip from Chinese blades, so the tang tends to exhibit greater deterioration with Chinese swords than their Japanese counter-parts. I am curious to see what forum members think the age of these swords are?

dao_tangs1 - Are close-ups of the two on the right of the first photo containing four tangs. I am also curious to know how Japanese appraisers determine the age of Japanese swords? Tim During a kantei, the nakago (tang) usually cannot be seen, and it is not very safe to date a sword based upon the tang.

It is interesting to note my friend said that Tibetan sword tangs didn't show a lot of deterioration for their age from what he thinks is due to the dry climate in that country. Tim Hi Tim, I don't mind a discussion on the aging of Chinese blades vs Japanese, and the reason why Japanese nakago generally age so well, however the dating of your Chinese blades is, I think, beyond the scope of this particular forum.

You should also better ask in a Chinese sword forum, e.g. Tim, as per my experience with perisan blades too, it's not safe to use the same approach with swords of different cultures.

I would say that there are no homogeneous criteria to be applied because of the sheer number of variables (steel used, cultural approach to maintenance, period of making, site and type of storage, quality of maintenance in the near past, type of wood of the handle, quality of the craftmenship, ). Sorry the photos were not good enough to make a determination on the tang age.

The smelting process used is different from the modern mass production of steel. A charcoal fire is started from soft pine charcoal.

A clay vessel about 1.1 m (3 ft 7 in) tall, 3 m (10 ft) long, and 1.1 m (3 ft 7 in) wide is constructed. Then the smelter will wait for the fire to reach the correct temperature.

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