Country music dating

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Country music dating

In Nashville writing rooms, hit singles often spring from friendly conversation.

A couple of writers may be sharing a funny story or dishing on their personal lives when boom, someone utters a clever one-liner that has the group scrambling for pens, paper and the nearest guitar.

They’re giving away #1’s in Nashville these days like syringes during the AIDS epidemic.

If you travel to Music City, don’t be surprised if your bartender, barista, or Uber driver has a #1 on country radio, as long as they’ve got a key fob and not a change purse in their britches mind you, because this ain’t no equal opportunity promotion.

The two of them welcomed a baby daughter on Thanksgiving Day of 2012.

You can just see Jordan Davis and his co-writers sitting around an Ikea sectional sipping on Starbucks Ventis, and in between taking selfies and swapping stories about their Kawasaki motorcycles, scribbling out verses swapping phrases like “I’m going to be” for “Imma be” to make this song seem hip when we all know their cracker asses wouldn’t get caught speaking like this in the hood.

For the purpose of this article, “hottest” refers to the unique combination of talent, charm and good looks.

Here are the 12 men we consider to be the hottest in country music right now…

Leave the beards to the likes of Cody Jinks and Whitey Morgan there champ.

Today’s country music scene is dominated by gorgeous men who have mastered the art of sweeping women off their feet with the whisper of a few song lyrics.

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