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Settlement offers I’ve seen have been in the 45%-50% range with up to two years to pay.But, and this is a big but, they only seem to do this for people who are significantly past due on the loan.This is because the general collections and the initial delinquent collections departments just don’t have the authority to enter into such agreements.The settlement offers seems to come from the pre-charge-off department when loans are more than 120 days past due. You will have to risk going significantly past due and hope they continue to offer the settlements.It helps with higher education expenses like textbooks, transportation, dorm fees and meal plans.Another non-certified Bof A loan is called the Education Maximizer Loan, which also supplements federal loans and grants.

As a result, student loan borrowing limits are higher for independent students.

As students transition from high school into higher education roles, they face unusual financial circumstances.

Emancipated on one hand, but generally without lengthy credit histories.

Bank of America responds with a number of unique products, tailored to college-aged consumers.

College students need certain features from their money management providers, and they are not always the same account characteristics favored by mom and dad.

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College years are a time of credit-building, so Bank of America provides opportunities for college students to get off on the right foot.