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CNN title is the same one used every time Israel bombs Gaza or builds yet another illegal, immoral settlement. Often killed in ancient times, nowadays run down by an Israeli tank.You know - where a horrible act is afflicted on people in a school, a pizza parlor or asleep in their beds and ghouls like you (and folks with your world-view) condemn the victims, and exalt the perpetrators.I love the speed of it, it correlates with our fast pace life we live in.The most important message parts are slower, you get the point of the message. I watch it everyday first thing in the morning to jump start my day for the Holidays. I would have appreciated if you made it a little slower. (Hit the pause button to read them.) CNN Headline: "Possible ban on straw." Facebook: "Moses and Jethro are now friends." (But wouldn't Moses have gotten a better price on frogs if he shopped e Bay? When i received a notification that it is most watched, I immediately watched it and found it cool, creative and entertaining. If Moshe Rabbeinu had had a Seychel-Phone, it might have sped up our deliverance from bondage. Google Exodus has a few of the brilliant lines from B. Thank you everyone that worked on these videos, This was so funny yall ;-) The writing, timing & music were just amazing!

How can you celebrate pesach in a "non-detached" way, when the majority of the Jewish world wont be at a proper sedar?!I've worked in CG (computer grahpics) and new media over the years & have rarely seen religious or historical topics done this well in a manner that speaks perfectly to reach kids in their mode & lingo of the times..Keep up the great work, Shalom OMG this is the cutest thing in the whole entire world! In the mean time, I saw this video last year, and I still love it. You have some very talented people working at Aish. Actually, you can make great friends on fb, and can get to know us as closely as you wish.That was a sheer delight, and so informative and very fast, so what you missed the first time around you try and catch the next..leaves you in total wonderment the parting of the waves.Blessings to U Rates******* LOL at a few things I spotted: The CNN headlines: "Pharaoh enslaves Jews - world condemns Israel" Pharaoh: "No way .. We're all on the WEB these days, as deeply, as interconnected, as it gets. This is a very clever video, BUT it trivializes Pesach observance. Our instant everything high tech world can wipe out the experience of Torah observance IF we take it the wrong way...

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I am going to pass it on to my children and grandchildren.

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