Christian swingers dating submissive asian dating

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Christian swingers dating

"I've fooled around with women before, and it felt like a safe environment to do it again," she confesses.Now the couple swings about twice a month, and although many of their friends (including Jenna's maid of honor) are fellow swingers, she and Gregory say their conservative Christian families have no clue.With one exception: In one of the rooms, a group of women were hooking up.

s school and community," says she never imagined she'd swing.

For Jenna, swinging is less about sex and more about camaraderie.

"I didn't expect to make such amazing friends, but you really bond with the people you swing with because you're so vulnerable," she says.

"I found it liberating and strange and exciting," Kayla says.

"There were twinges of jealousy, but they were overcome by seeing how much fun both of us were having." The couple has swung twice since then with different people and plan to do it again.

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