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He currently plays Vincent Swan in the BBC Two television comedy series White Gold (2017).

The alum is being replaced by Christian Cooke, with his scenes to be reshot later this month.However, in January 2010, director Peter Webber left the project, which was then passed into the hands of Andrea Arnold.This directing change caused the roles to be recast. He has been in five celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each. alum recently erased several Twitter and Instagram posts in which he denied the accusations of assault and rape made against him by three women. Related: New Lawsuit Claims Ed Held Woman Hostage As A Sex Slave As we reported, this case stems from Cohen's accusation that the 30-year-old held her down and raped her in 2014 during a visit to his home.

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The model added: 'Then we decided to get a divorce and as part of that Ididia wanted the divorce to take place in Arkansas - where we were from - so we could be around family.'So I put my work and career - and I had a lot of things going on at the time - I put it all on hold and went to Arkansas.'She explained that 'Ididia didn't want to leave Arkansas and I had everything we had worked for for so long back in California.'According to Jessica, the judge gave her a choice and stay in Arkansas to co-parent or move back to California and see him in the summer and at Christmas.

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