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But it's important that you get on with your instructor, so if you would like to change we can arrange a new one for you subject to availability.

Back to top Just as with learning any new skill, each pupil is different and learns at their own pace.

Our instructors work with their pupils to create tailored courses. Sorry, we don't currently offer scooter or motorcycle tuition.

Remember though, our tuition cars are fitted with dual controls – providing safety and peace of mind if you're having an off day. It is generally quicker and easier to learn than a manual, but once you've passed your test you can only drive automatic cars.Imagine that same scenario, but the front wheel bumps up onto the kerb followed by the rear wheel.This would be a serious fault, and therefore a fail.There will always be some element of judgement on the part of the examiner when making assessments.But here's an example scenario that can give an idea of the difference between a major and minor fault.

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Our instructors will strive to get you pass-ready as efficiently as possible.