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Being a newbie wasn't an issue as I launched myself into the chat room and away I went, laughing, commenting, smiling and discussing everything from the rain or lack of; I'm in Australia, to the heavy snow falls where many of the chatters are. Never have I looked forward to spending time on a chat site talking to real, friendly, laughing, happy people as I look forward to…

Read Full Review Buzz is a fantastic site where you can meet people from all over the world, for banter, serious discussions or in real life.

He replied telling me it was ok for me to mention where I chat but the rest of his email was confusing so I emailed back for clarification.

In the meantime since he said it was ok to mention where I chat I joined but in my profile I decided since he was kind enough to say I could mention where I chat that I would just tell a bit about where I chat and said if anyone wanted to…

There are sections to suit everyone from serious discussions to just for laughs.

It was over a longer period than i had actually had used the chat room. Mike I have been a member of Buzz50 for over 5 years now and would not ever think of leaving this site. Buzz members are a friendly group of people where you can find genuine friendship with other members from all over the world.Read Full Review Written on: 30/04/2015 I forgot to mention when I joined before hearing back from the owner with his clarification of his email to me I had put some posts in his forum.I did not mention in any of my comments that were in his forum about where I chat. After I heard back from the owner with his clarification I wish I could had deleted the testimony I put up and deleted all my other forum posts, too! Read Full Review thought site was ok till i came across a couple of men after something i made clear i was not there for, one kept track of my friends and would keep harassing me.So the person began explaining and the mod judged them, told them they were wrong and to drop it. You also continually get email from the owner and ads all…It was about another site they ran themselves, not about buzz50 and they had every right to do things the way they did. Read Full Review started of,,ok,,,full of regular posters,who run everything,,if you dont aggree with them,your out,,,seen this on other forums,,moderators are overbearing,interventions are a very regular thing,,to the point of reducing conversations to banality,,admin,,actualy asked me to phone him,so we could talk,,you couldnt make it up,,this is one site to avoid,,unless you enjoy ,care home conversations…

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