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and I can help you with the translation of this text.

farther down the road we met another group of pupils.

, : : Ask, answer, sell, repeat, buy, teach, help, live, leave, work, walk, read, write, tell, give, eat, describe, go, remember, do, know, have.

of these students don't like to look up words in the dictionary. much a lot (of), lots (of), plenty (of), a good deal (of), a great deal (of). Thanks to such colour treatment there is an atmosphere of rest. Tom Canty was the son of poor parents and had very ... The children returned from the wood very sad because they had found very ...

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: basin [`beisin] bed-sheet [`bedòi:t] blanket [`blæŋkit] butter [`b Lt] canvas [`kænvs] , clothes [klouðz] image [`imidʒ] , pillow [`pilou] print [print] rest [rest] shadow [`òædou] sleep [sli:p] space [speis] tension [`tenòn] treatment [`tri:tmnt] balanced [`bælnst] , empty [`empti] flat [flæt] friendly [`frendli] fresh [freò] main [mein] modest [`mÉdist] scarlet [`ska:lit] solid [`sÉlid] , wooden [`wudn] colour treatment in combination with in contrast to thanks to like () outside world linear perspective that is all . : impressionist [im`preònist], interior [in`tiri], instability [,inst`biliti], lemon [`lemn], linear [`lini], object [`Ébdʒikt], orange [`Érindðʒ], reproduction [,ripr`d Lkòn], type [taip], violet [`vailit]. Thanks to colour perspective in combination with linear perspective there is an impression of space. There are no shadows, the image is flat as in Japanese prints. The bed and the chairs are bright yellow like fresh butter.

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