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Phil was thirty-two years old, of average height, with a handsome face, brown hair, blue eyes, and short-cropped hair that was turning prematurely gray.The gray hair was an advantage on post, where everyone seeing him in civilian clothes assumed that he was either a field-grade officer or a senior NCO who was off duty.Jacob “Jake” Altmiller—Hardware store manager in Tavares, Florida. Malorie “Mal” La Croix—Younger sister of Megan La Croix. Megan La Croix—Intelligence analyst NSA contractor at Fort Meade, Maryland. Ken Layton—Former mechanic and member of the Northwest Militia. Father of Ray Mc Gregor, Janelle (Mc Gregor) Altmiller, and Rhiannon (Mc Gregor) Jeffords. Mother of Ray Mc Gregor, Janelle (Mc Gregor) Altmiller, and Rhiannon (Mc Gregor) Jeffords.Janelle (Mc Gregor) Altmiller—Real estate agent in Tavares, Florida. Sister of Rhiannon (Mc Gregor) Jeffords and Ray Mc Gregor. Lance Alan Altmiller—Son of Jacob and Janelle Altmiller. Terrence Billy—Garbage truck driver, Williams Lake, British Columbia. PO3 Jordan Foster—Navy SEAL BUD/S student, United States Phil Bucklew Naval Special Warfare Center (NSWC), Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, California. Stan Leaman—Dairyman from Anahim Lake, British Columbia. Ray Mc Gregor—Afghanistan War veteran and military historian. Brother of both Rhiannon (Mc Gregor) Jeffords and Janelle (Mc Gregor) Altmiller.Phil muttered to himself, “This is starting to damage my calm.”Then Phil got a call on his cell phone from his manager, Hal Jensen.“I need you to either get back to the Section office or get to a STU phone, pronto! I’ll call you in five mikes or less.”Just three minutes later, Phil called Hal on the secure line. I’ve also been directed to close out all employment contracts—both full-timers and the ad hocs.”Phil was stunned.” Hal said.“I’m on my way to Peregrine Systems for a quarterly,” Phil answered. After a long pause, he replied, “Okay, I’ll make some excuses here and be back at the office ASAP.”• • •Phil drove back to JBLM—still listening to the bad economic news on the radio.Dustin Hodges—Deputy sheriff, Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Peter Jeffords—American missionary from New Hampshire. Rhiannon “Rhi” (Mc Gregor) Jeffords—Missionary originally from Bella Coola, British Columbia. Sister of Janelle (Mc Gregor) Altmiller and Ray Mc Gregor. Chad Sommers—Grandson and adoptive ward of Ron and Tracy Sommers. Ron Sommers—Rancher and former Marine Corps 3002 ground supply officer, living near Alta, Wyoming. AUTHOR’S INTRODUCTORY NOTEUnlike most novel sequels, the storyline of Liberators is contemporaneous with the events described in my four previously published novels, Patriots, Survivors, Founders, and Expatriates.

The mass media was abuzz about the inflation jumping above 100 percent, annually. As he drove toward a routine security paperwork inspection with a defense contractor, Phil Adams had his attention glued to the car radio.

Larry Guyot—Owner/manager of Guyot Railway and Engine Maintenance, Ltd., Prince George, British Columbia. Originally from near Bella Coola, British Columbia. Brian Norton—Defense Intelligence Agency counterintelligence case officer and electronics expert with DCS Task Group Tall Oak, Washington at Joint Base Lewis-Mc Chord, Washington.

Jerry Hatcher—Cessna 180G bush pilot, Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Scott Paulsen—Defense Intelligence Agency counterintelligence case officer and Russian linguist with DCS Task Group Tall Oak, Washington at Joint Base Lewis-Mc Chord, Washington. Rob Smith—Cessna Amphibian float plane pilot, Tavares, Florida.

Even the mere possession of the uncombined components might be construed as criminal intent. If you make any of these devices and/or formulations, you accept sole responsibility for their possession and use.

You are also responsible for your own stupidity and/or carelessness.

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This cage contained some dusty equipment in plain view: two pallets of coiled concertina barbed wire, three folding tables, a half dozen folding chairs, a bundled GP small tent, two sledgehammers, a shovel, a four-wheeled utility cart, a two-wheeled dolly, and a tall stack of galvanized forty-gallon steel trash barrels that could be used as burn barrels.