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Beijing sex date

The three-volume report contained 18 themes, some of which were national, regional, and candidate-city characteristics; customs and immigration formalities; environmental protection and meteorology; finances; marketing; provisions for the Paralympic Games; plans for the Olympic Village; medical/health services; security; accommodations; transport; and guarantees.

Support letters from national and city government leaders were also included.

In addition, Wu Xiaoxuan won a gold medal in the women’s 50-metre rifle three-positions shooting competition, becoming the first Chinese woman to win a gold medal.At the 101st session of the IOC, held in Monte Carlo in 1993, the representatives of the candidate cities made their final presentations, and the 88 IOC members voted on the selection.Although a number of Western countries, citing human rights issues, refused to vote for Beijing, it was one of two cities left after the third round of voting.The first Chinese member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Wang Zhengting, was elected in 1922 at the 21st IOC Session Meeting in Paris.It was not until 1932, however, that China actually sent a delegation to the Olympics, the Games of the X Olympiad, held in Los Angeles.

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