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Bbc learning english speed dating

In addition, Richard Deverell, chief operating officer for the new Salford Quays base, has yet to decide whether he will move lock, stock and barrel to the North West.

The BBC's Director of Sport, Barbara Slater, has also not made a final decision about whether to buy or rent a property there, but has stressed she will be spending a full working week in Salford.

In my next article we will look at different types of task, and see which kinds are most often used in textbooks and how we can incorporate more task types into our teaching.

If you are not sure what task-based teaching is all about, start by reading Richard Frost's article ‘A Task-based approach'.

Yesterday residents of Salford accused Mr Salmon of 'blind ignorance' and pointed to the city's new 'Millionaire's Row' properties around the redeveloped quayside area.In this first article I start by looking at what we mean by ‘task'.This will enable us to identify activities in our textbooks which have most of the characteristics of tasks.Trainee accountant Mark Jones, 25, said: 'Salford has private schools, golf courses and plenty of swish restaurants and bars. He's going to be in a penthouse apartment or a massive house for three days a week.He should come and try it.' Barmaid Judith Dawson said: 'The BBC shouldn't be pandering to him. If anyone in another position refused to go I'm sure they'd lose their jobs. It's outrageous.' Pensioner Evelyn Askley, 72, said: 'I've never heard such claptrap. He should pay his own rent.' But Mr Salmon found some supporters in Twickenham, where families said they could understand his reluctance to move north.

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