Atheist and agnostic dating

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Atheist and agnostic dating

On your profile and in your search criteria, you can specify your religious and spiritual preferences, or lack thereof, and Match will deliver compatible suggestions right to your inbox.

Yes, it acts more like a social platform than a dating site. Here, you dive in, get to know folks from their posts, commenting on, and having yours commented on, and then directly interacting via the messenger here. Would you like this place if it was just a big filter?

Then make comments on the posts of others, and post your own questions to earn more points.i'm with you on that one....eharmony, pof and match i gotta keep skipping ppl because 99% have something about putting 'god' first and all that bullshit...then the messages i send only like one in 20 get replied to.When you reach second level, you can private message other members.This is a new website so might not have many mutually compatible propects who live near you. I figure it's like everything else in life, have to take it with a grain of salt.

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Match is open to singles with all kinds of opinions, beliefs, values, and lifestyles, including those who are non-religious.

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