Angie martinez dating juelz santana Older naked cam chat

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Angie martinez dating juelz santana

A beautiful person from appearance as well as her behavior, she is confident, positive and very helpful to other people.

A very humble and down to earth person, she can make friends and admirers pretty soon.

“I didn’t wanna come out with all my music surrounding jail time.” He added: “I still gotta express myself the way it comes out. I see what he trying to do in some of the things, like when he speak about 50 people killing each other, black people get killed, a little girl gets shot in the head in the neighborhood and everybody turns their head to it. I think it should be the same energy.” On Kanye West: “He was speaking on some things that were true. He’s just not informed enough to speak on some of the things he’s speaking on.” On His Conversation with Kanye: “I’ve talked to him and told him out my own mouth. I listened to your music when you’re talking about, ‘I guess I should have forgot where I came from.’ Try to slow down right now.

I’m only gonna do it the realest way I know how to do it.” Elsewhere during the interview, Meek weighed in on Kanye West’s recent controversy, the issues surrounding his judge, and the Amazon docuseries he’s working on with JAY-Z. When he’s talking about slavery, people had a choice, I disagree 10,000 percent. But I know he’s trying to deliver a message for a better cause.

Regarding her personal life, it seems like she has not had a list of boyfriends but has a very active dating life.

Talking confidently, Santanta dismissed the drug and gun charges as bogus.Raised in Brooklyn, she was admitted to a nearby school but would never go to school.One day, her mother got a call from her school notifying her that her daughter was to expelled, as she never attended her classes and went out with the wrong folks. I still got homies in the graveyard, family members in the graveyard. He said, ‘Don’t get in the circus business.’ Ever since he said it, I even looked at some of the stuff I was involved in. There might have been times where I’m getting high and I ain’t making the sharpest decision that I would usually make.” On His Amazon Docuseries: “It’s also my life but it’s informing people about the situation and how it affects people…The narrative is definitely justice reform. We should never see that again or use that again ever in life. I still got homies in the joint that’s going through it. I’m not getting on none of these jawns crying, doing none of that.” On Drake’s Support: “It ain’t really surprise me. Nobody got hurt.” On JAY-Z’s Advice: “JAY-Z told me that.

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He also explained how he may end up without a criminal record by the time this ordeal is over with.

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