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Those that made the final cut remain a fascinating cross-section of cultures, importance and each individual Beatle’s own interests.To paraphrase the song, you might have known the band for all these years, so here we introduce to you, everyone else that featured on the , which attempted “to show as clearly as possible that there is an essential unity in all religions”, Sri Yukteswar Giri was guru to both Sri Mahavatara Babaji (No.27) and Paramahansa Yogananda (No.33).10: Richard Merkin Born in 1938, American painter and illustrator Richard Merkin was enamoured with the early jazz period that flourished in the years before his birth.His modernist style matched the abstraction of jazz music, and also inspired Peter Blake’s tribute artwork, , created in 1966.

9: Fred Astaire In contrast to Mae West (No.3), Fred Astaire was reportedly thrilled to be asked to appear on the .11: A Vargas Girl Having made a name for himself designing posters for the Ziegfield Follies that appeared on Broadway across the 1910s to the 30s, Peruvian painter Joaquin Alberto Vargas Y Chávez went on to create a series of paintings of pin-ups.Known as the Varga Girls, they gained widespread exposure in magazine during the 40s, and also inspired a number of paintings that would appear on World War II fighter jets.She was, after all, one of the most famous bombshells from Hollywood’s Golden Age and felt that she would never be in a lonely hearts club.However, after The Beatles personally wrote to her explaining that they were all fans, she agreed to let them use her image.

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Consisting of 17 interconnected sculptures, the project took Rodia 33 years to complete.

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