10 questions speed dating

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10 questions speed dating

However, asking about marriage and getting to know a little about his past can help you figure out whether he’s the player kind of guy or the serious relationship type.

If you aren’t supportive of the idea of having kids, this might be a deal breaker for you.

Maybe the questions he asks may give you a better opinion on how he is as a person.

Everybody has at least one favorite movie that they’ve watched countless of times. You may also get to know a lot about his personality.

At the same time, it could disclose that he’s a family man.

It’s a great way to enlarge your social circle and meet new people.However, whether you’re a speed-dating enthusiast or new to speed dating, there’s one thing everyone knows: you have very little time to meet a potential suitor.You wouldn’t want to be with an unemployed man with no potential.For instance, if he’s a funny guy but loves action movies. If you don’t like asking boring questions, this is a fun way to spark an interesting conversation.Does he want to meet young Pamela Anderson or meet Morgan Freeman for his amazing personality? This may give you an insight on whether he’s an adventurous person or not.

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Besides, who knows he could be a high-end lawyer or the manager of your favorite restaurant. You can find out a lot about a person with this simple question! A simple question like this can get you both talking instantly.

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